Thermal Imaging Publications



“Active mode detection with enhanced pyroelectric sensitivity”, Ricardo Unglaub, Jolanta Celinska, Christopher McWilliams, Carlos Paz de Araujo, Andrzej Pawlak, Scott Jones, Proc. SPIE 7298, Infrared Technology and Applications XXXV, 72980M (May 06, 2009); doi:10.1117/12.818211


A MEMS-less infrared pyroelectric sensor that employs an active detection mechanism based on a strontium bismuth tantalate (SrBi2Ta2O9) ferroelectric sensing material is described and compared to passive modes of operation. A model is based on fundamental performance of ferroelectrics in which the polarization state of the material is actively interrogated enabling improved signal to noise ratio, greater effective pyroelectric coefficient, and chopper-less design. In addition to excellent thermal responsivity in the medium and long wavelength bands and unlimited endurance, the unique design enables selective wavelength tuning of insulating layer and absorber materials to maximize the responsivity at distinct wavelengths.