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Symetrix Corporation - Founded in 1986 

Company History

Symetrix Corporation is a privately-held company founded in 1986 by Dr. Carlos A. Paz de Araujo and Dr. Larry D. McMillan in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  Symetrix is engaged in advanced research and development for the global semiconductor chip industry in areas of materials and process technology, process equipment design, semiconductor device physics and modeling, chip design, communications protocol and various related disciplines. 

Symetrix has pioneered technologies, primarily in the area of nonvolatile memories, which can be incorporated into a standard process for semiconductor fabrication and result in unique, high-reliability products.  Over the past 28 years, Symetrix has invested over US$60M in the development of intellectual property (IP), an investment enabled by customer-funded programs, government sponsored research, license fees and royalty receipts.  Symetrix holds 72 U.S. patents and 44 foreign patents that are solely owned and 110 U.S. and 130 foreign patents that are jointly owned.  Many of these patents are fundamental because they relate to the underlying switching and memory phenomena, the materials essential to optimize these phenomena, and the process required to incorporate these materials in standard chip fabrication.   

Symetrix has provided extensive technical assistance in transferring Symetrix technology to chip suppliers such as Panasonic, ST Microelectronics, NEC, Sony, Seiko-Epson, Hynix, and Oki Electric.  Symetrix has also assisted equipment suppliers (Aixtron, Samco and Primaxx) and materials suppliers (Mitsubishi Materials, Kojundo Chemical Corp and others).  These assistance programs have been provided at the Symetrix laboratory and at the customers’ site alongside their engineers and scientists.  Panasonic, Kojundo and ON Semiconductor are in commercial production of products based on Symetrix technologies.